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Why Pick Citiwide?

We are a registered international trading company stationed in Hong Kong. Being in the middle of Asia and its biggest shipping port, we are uniquely positioned to receive the newest technology from all major manufacturers at a fraction of the cost. The means we are able to transfer a large portion of the savings directly to you, saving you hundreds of dollars from retail prices. Over the years, we have accumulated a huge international customer following based on our commitment to excellent service and fair pricing.
Next to our unmatched products sourcing, we have a dedicated sales team who scours the internet for the lowest prices, reducing them around the clock to ensure our customers the most economic deal. Our team also eagerly handles any enquiries you may have before and after the sale, providing you with the confidence to shop safely and securely. We also have our own warehouse where our products sit in a secure and climate controlled environment, ensuring the prime conditioning of delicate electronic equipments. We only employ world-class couriers (Fed ex, UPS, etc.) to handle shipping, further ensuring the products' safety and the delivery's efficiency.

We have over 10,000+ positive reviews for our service! That is more than any other online shop in our business! We welcome anyone to leave reviews for our site because we truly believe in what we do. Even if we do get the occasional bad one, we quickly rectify it, learn from it, and improve from there! If you need proof, just click on the banners of the sites we advertise with at the bottom left of our page! They will link you to what our cutomers said about us!

Our industry unique Door2Door™ warranty policy is years ahead of our competitors'. If you buy a camera, camcorder, DSLR, or even lens and flashes from us, it is under the cover of our Door2Door™ warranty for one year with the choice of extended warranty. The warranty states that if the product you brought ever become defective due to manufacturer's fault, we, Citiwide, will send a courier to your door, pick up the malfunctioning unit, send it back to our office, repair it, and send it back to your door! All of this FREE!!! Yes, you read right, FREE! For the complete policy, please read our Warranty page!

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal payment, and direct bank deposits! All of this done through Paypal, the world's leading payment gateway. Not only is it free, Paypal is a subsidiary of eBay! It is both fast and secure for buyers.